[ May 9 – May 16 ] Earn Up to 12% Commission Rate with Alfawise JD-T8610-Q2 Wireless WiFi IP Camera Bulb Cam

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Hi Associates, welcome to our Weekly Star Gear for this week. It’s a very useful product, the Alfawise JD-T8610-Q2 Wireless WiFi IP Camera Bulb Cam. This unique and innovative product adds not only light but security for every room. What does it do? Let’s take a closer look!


Product Name: Alfawise JD-T8610-Q2 Wireless WiFi IP Camera Bulb Cam 

Original Price: $36.99

Flash Sale Price: $26.99

Special Price: $13.99 (First 5 Units @ 09:00 UTC Daily from May 7-14)

Commission: 12% for NEW customers / 8% for EXISTING customers (May 9-16 @ 09:00 UTC)



Alfawise is a hot brand.You can be confident that it is not only of high quality, but also delivers exceptional cost-performance. The Alfawise JD-T8610-Q2 Wireless WiFi IP Camera Bulb Cam is a very latest product. Designed specifically for discerning home customers, it combines the functionality of a LED bulb with the security features of built-in IP camera! This is one of the first iterations of this product type and, even better, this creative product is available on promotion right now!

It currently sells for $26.99 on GearBest at a Flash Sale price based on an original price of $36.99.  Even better, from May 7th to May 14th (inclusive), the first 5 Units sold daily @ 09:00 UTC will be available for just $13.99. Whoa, that’s an insane discount! As a superb dual-purpose product, GearBest is delighted to offer an incredible opportunity for all our commission-hungry Associates to promote this special LED bulb and earn commission at an even HIGHER RATE! Get ready to earn 12% for NEW customers / 8% for EXISTING customers from May 9-16 @ 09:00 UTC.



The Alfawise JD–T8610–Q2 is no ordinary LED bulb, it’s a niche product providing special 2-in-1 lighting and monitoring features. It sounds strange, right? Well, let’s shine some light on this cool product!

The JD-T8610-Q2 looks like a simple 3W light bulb, however the bulb also contains an advanced 1.3MP 360° panoramic fisheye lens, providing 960×960 high-definition images. So, not only can it light up every corner of your favorite room, but it can also record what happens there for you. And with full WiFi support function give you full control with a dedicated app. This innovative product also offers two-way audio functionality, allowing you to interact with your family as though you were also at home. This is especially useful if you look after family members such as a baby, kids, elderly people or even pets with greater flexibility – you can also deter burglars who may want to break into your home.

With the special IR filter, color footage from the camera is brighter at night for improved clarity. More importantly, the PIR sensor light is a great deterrent against intruders: capturing the scene, and alerting you in time. This versatile IP security camera also supports loop recording, automatically recording over old footage that contains no alerts, so you never have to worry about limited storage again.


Main Features:

● 1.3MP 360° panoramic fisheye lens: enjoy full vision without blind spots
● Two-way audio function: two-way talk your mobile phone and the IP camera
● Motion detection supports alarm record, snapshot and APP push notifications
● Supports WiFi and AP connection: ideal for remote surveillance without a router
● H.264+ video compression format saves more storage space than H.264
● Expandable storage up to 64GB via external TF/ Micro SD card (not included)
● Built-in 3 x 1W white light: can be remotely controlled on/off via mobile APP
● Wide compatibility: Android/iOS, plus mobile phones, tablets and computers
● Smart design: High-quality lamp body design and standard E27 lamp holder


Sound great, right? You would never have imagined that such a simple 3W LED bulb could have such a powerful monitoring function! Don’t hesitate to promote this unique product!

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