Affiliate on Facebook: 5 Tips to Build A Great Facebook Page

Creating your own fan page is the first step to build up your social presence on Facebook. You can start your well-crafted advertising campaigns by sharing your content, making product reviews, and offering affiliate products.

If you are a website owner or a blogger, it’s always a good way to promote your site and expand your customer base by setting up a Facebook page and keep it up and running.

Or, if you are a pure Facebook marketer, then a Facebook page should be a must-have to get you started.

And the reason is pretty obvious: you need a good landing page prior to doing anything else. You want a page to use as a central place for your marketing initiatives.

To clarify, we’ve concluded 5 sobering tips to help you achieve optimal results with GearBest Associate Program. Enjoy it.

To build a pretty decent affiliate page you should:

Stay Active

Post regularly, interact with your fans, answer their comments, try every possible way to boost engagements. 

But be careful, though, not to link too often. People would immediately unfollow you if they found your posts were all promotional content and boldly serve your revenue goal.

Create value

Post useful, formative content on a fairly regular basis. Make your post fascinating, entertaining and sociable. That’ll be easier for you to see a tangible effect of your social marketing efforts.

Be strategic

Employ strategy in what you post, when you post, and who you target. Facebook Ads is a powerful tool to help you create catchy posts, target ideal customers, and get your posts more exposure.

Therefore, you can selectively give a bit of boost to posts that had already performed well.

Make it catchy

Human beings are visual creatures. That is to say, photos are the most engaging type of content of media, so keep your posts visually appealing.

Registered as an affiliate, we’ve used many tools to provide not only unique coupons and discounts but also inviting banners and dynamic ads specific to your followers.

You have full availability to use them as you please.

Right Product Recommendation

Ultimately, affiliate success comes with the right product recommendation. You may check this tutorial to learn about how to choose the most lucrative product to promote to your audience.

However, each product resonates differently. One case doesn’t apply to all. You’ll have to test and find your own winners and losers through practice.

Ok, to profit from a Facebook page, you’ll need to climb these stairs.

Since there is no elevator to success, so follow our advice step by step and you will see tangible results at last.

Over to You

Will you create a Facebook page as part of your marketing strategy?

What other questions do you have about Facebook advertising?

Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. Keep coming back to our site and train yourself to be a better associate!


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  1. Sim, o Facebook é onde eu tenho mais seguidores e amigos, se puderem, me dêem uma ideia para o nome da página. No face todos me conhecem como Gilda Silva.

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