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GearBest.com is a leading B2C global online electronics store.

Since being founded in 2014, GearBest has registered a phenomenal growth rate in annual sales revenue.

Today, we’re proud to

  • own 30 Million+ registered users on a global scale;
  • has a status of 218 in Alexa ranking system;
  • be high in the list of the world’s Top 30 online shopping websites.

To continue that success, we are looking to partner with bloggers, website owners, and social media celebrities who will drive quality traffic to GearBest.

That’s why we built GearBest Associate Program. With it, you can start a highly lucrative online business without the need of any initial investment.


How does it work?

Register an account at our program and a verification period starts. After account being approved, you’ll receive a unique URL that includes your affiliate ID.

Share that unique URL with your subscribers, site visitors, and social networks via text links or ads. With Global Affiliation when someone clicks to enter GearBest and decides to make a purchase, our affiliate software understands that you are responsible for that sale, and will automatically assign a commission to your account.

And if the person that you recommended continues to buy, you will always receive the commissions.


Why become a GearBest Associate?

With GearBest Associate Program, you can start a highly lucrative online business without the need of any initial investment.

Becoming an associate,

1. Your cookies will be 30 days guaranteed

GearBest Associate has a strong and solid cookie tracking system, generating cookies with a 30-day long lifespan.

Under the effect, you’ll be credited with commissions as long as your referred customers complete purchases within the period.


2. You will have the largest selection of products to promote

GearBest has more than 300K+ registered products from industry-leading manufacturers, which includes consumer electronics & gadgets, latest cell phones, tablets, sports gear, RC toys and so many more.

With the most diverse niches covered, it will be extremely easy to find the perfect offer for your customers.


3. You will receive excellent sales commission

For each sale you make, you will receive a commission which can reach up to 50% of the total value of the product. Other perks like weekly special offers and under $10 deals zone, enable you to achieve better marketing results with ease.

To praise who make consecutive efforts, we now set three tiers or grades for associates to climb up: Standard, Premium, and VIP. The higher level you are in, the better commission rates you’ll get.

Remember, your associate level depends on your monthly sales volume.


4. You will have extra supersized bonus to win

On top of regular earnings from referring your audience into a purchase, you can score extra ultra-high bonus by engaging in our incentive campaigns when big events come.

The figure in the illustrious Friday Black Incentive Campaign 2018 reaches up to $12345.


5. You will have multiple ways to get payments

Currently, we offer 4 methods for money transfer:  PayPal, Webmoney, Bank Transfers, Product Coupons . You are free to withdraw money from your affiliate account when the balance exceeds a certain amount of number.

Your international sales can be withdrawn in three currency types: USD / Euro / RMB.

And of course, you can track your balance and payment schedule at any time from your account’s dashboard.


6. You referred products can be tracked to get you notified

We provide the exclusive Post-back Support that other affiliate programs barely have.

With it, you can get up-to-the-minute shipping information under our real-time logistics tracking system. That can help save you the hassle of delivery uncertainty and give your customers peace of mind.


7. Your strategies will always be optimized

With real-time reports provided, you always have information available to measure the performance of your promotional acts and adjust them to obtain better and better results.


8. You will gain active & responsive support

When being approved in the program, you’ll be paired with a dedicated (and adorable) Affiliate Manager, access to associate education, question, and exclusive coupons on products that can help you grow your business.


Wait a minute, are you a promising candidate we’ve been looking for?


Wanna to know whether you are the person who matches our requirements?

There are some basic metrics:

  • YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers: fan base ≥ 1000
  • Social group activities: group members ≥200(with WhatsApp,Groupme,LINE,Telegram,VK,and Google+ covered)
  • Coupon/cashback site: Alexa Ranking within the top 10,000


If you’ve already got a GearBest affiliate account and have words to say, drop them in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and see how we can build a brighter future.

If not, then take the First Step of Your Earning Adventure here and get earning from now.

Take your first step and get earning from today


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    Lucei Nguyen

    (01/15/2019 - 7:36 AM)

    Dear Mr/Ms!
    I am Lucei Nguyen. I am a staff on http://slickdeals.net ( SD ). i did on SD long time.( about 04 years than )
    I really want to join Affliate Program.
    Please give me a chance!
    Thanks so much!

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