Must-Read: Gearbest 5th Anniversary Incentive Campaign + A Survival Shopping Guide


The Gearbest 5th Anniversary Shopping Party is almost here!

Since you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been expecting it for a while and now want to know more about it.

Before we jump to the shopping guide, let’s roll out today’s post with some incentive campaign basics.

Win $5555 Extra Bonus: The 5th Anniversary Incentive Campaign

As always, our incentive campaign is divided into two phases:

 the Pre-heat Period + the Main Event.

First stage first explains, let’s get things clear.

1. What do we require you to do?

  • Promote the 5th Anniversary Shopping Party on your social media accounts
  • Inspire your social media followers to click in
  • Get your traffic flow exploded

2. How can you be benefited?

  • An easy-won bonus reward
  • Additional freebies/cash/coupons  

In the main event, we’ll set a tiered sales goal for associates to climb up. Furthermore, we will compare your Event Sales with the sales you’d achieved in the same period of last month.

In the end, associates who complete our target sales goal will be credited with an Extra Bonus. Particularly, top performers are expected to win a promising $5555 USD

 Mark your calendar: final details will be revealed on March 13th.

Craft Your Promoting Strategy: A Survival Shopping Guide

In the celebration, Gearbest has renewed its brand identity with a clearer logo and more importantly, a simplified slogan. 

Remember the keywords? Let’s explain it with some real excitements.


Discover Gearbest, Save Money and Have Fun

  1. Surprise Lucky Bag: $555,555,555 Gifts (3/13-3/28)
  2. Your Favorite GB Shopping Memories: $55-5 Coupon (2/20-3/28)
  3. PRE-ORDER SALE: Use $5 deposit to Gain $50 Growth (3/13-3/19)
  4. Lucky Wheel: Top Prizes worth over $100,000 (3/21)



Shopping Saver Party, Upgraded Deals

  1. 5 DAYS ARRIVAL: SAVE $10 OVER $88 – ANY Deal (3/13-3/28)
  2. Mega Marketplace: SAVE 50% With 2 pcs (3/13-3/28)
  3. 24H FLASH SALE: Lowest Ever Prices (3/19-3/28)


100% Quality Goods, Maximum Benefits

TIME: Mar 13-28

  1. Buy More, Save More: Save 20% OFF 2 pcs / Save 30% OFF 3 pcs
  2. Smart Home, Easier Life: Smart Appliances From $5.55
  3. Latest Tech, Markdown Prices: Top Brand Cellphones From $55.55

So there you go!

You are almost all set…

Honestly, a comprehensive list of events are already prepared for you, click the button below. 

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