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GearBest Celebrates its 3rd Birthday

On the market for already three years, GearBest pounced on their competitors and made gigantic leaps forward to become the number one electronics reseller from China. Of course, a party to celebrate this success is mandatory. GearBests Promotion nowadays follow the same pattern with preheat, main-event and after-party along with giveaways and coupons for extra discounts.

Inspired by chinese online shops like and GearBest will sell Lucky Bags for $15 a piece with random suprises inside. They are the first company worldwide to adapt this event.

When does the party start?

As mentioned before, the birthday celebration is split in three main parts. All of them feature different products and discounts so it is no use to wait for a better price as the promotion is proceeding. Do not forget to use coupons along your orders and participate in giveaways to win a OnePlus 3T among other products.

Also, on we prepared a little Giveaway Quiz for anyone, who always wanted to have a decent Quadcopter for the upcoming summer. Answer our 10 questions and win. The better your result, the higher your chances!

The Timetable of GearBests 3rd Birthday is:

  • Preheat Phase: 9th – 14th of March

  • Main Event: 14th – 18th of March

  • After-Party: From the 20th of March

What discounts do I get?

How to make a party unforgetable for everyone joining? Be the best host the world has yet seen and offer your guests the best experience ever. As an online shop GearBest will offer prices promising up to 70% off on certain products.

Your favorite brands like Xiaomi, DJI or Huawei will be on board and everyone who didn’t wish for a smartphone during christmas, will no have his first (discounted) chance of the year to grab one. Obviously it is not all about smartphones and tablets and other categories will also be covered. You are an Outdoor Fan, E-Cigarette vaper or a gadget lover in general? You will definitely not be disappointed and GearBest got you covered.

On we can show you some discounts exclusively in advance. Get ready when they go live!


DJI Mavic


below $1000


Xiaomi Mi5 64GB




Anet A8 3D Printer



What are “Lucky Bags”?

Hongbaos (red packages) in China are the equivalent to gift cards and are widely used during festive events or among friends. you never know how much money they hold until you open them. Same principle applies during shopping events on chinese platforms where people buy gift boxes with random products inside. The total value can, in case you are really lucky, exceed the price by far.

Lucky Bags during the GearBest Anniversary promotion are the same. For $15 you can buy one of these bags containing different gadgets and products from your favorite product category. If you are a quadcopter pilot you should pick the respective bag for it. Tech addicts should pick the smartphone or TV Box bags to get the best lucky bags for what you truly love. A great deal tailor made for you.. and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the thrill of gambling?

gearbest 3rd anniversary

What you have to know about GearBest

  1. Shipping: GearBest is a Chinese online shopping website able to deliver worldwide. The logistics department of GearBest is able to dispatch to over 150+ nations. While three years ago the most common shipping method was “flat rate shipping”, nowadays GearBest developed a sophisticated delivery line called Priority Direct Mail. This shipping line, developed by GearBest, brings your order in your country with a dedicated carrier. A national express will then complete the shipping in as low as few hours. The dimensions of this shipping network made GearBest the biggest Chinese online B2B international shopping website
  2. Product selection: On GearBest you won’t find the brands you are used to know. GearBest portfolio of producers focuses on most promising Chinese brands: comparable quality at an unbelievable price. These brands might not be as popular as American top brands but the selection of Gadgets on GearBest is composed by the most popular and used by earth biggest country
  3. Price: GearBest is the only distributor between the producer and the customer. There are no importers and no distribution partners to bring the product to you. With a workforce of over 4,000+ employees in the time frame of 3 years, GearBest managed to run in-house most of the logistics
  4. Support: you have plenty of ways to reach out GearBest. From facebook pages to forums and groups. If you are interested in a tv-box for example, you can reach out the dedicated group on facebook to check stock availability and coupons and have suggestion on the best delivery to use for your needs!
 Source – Gearbest Blog