Tutorial 4: Know more about the “Reports”

When you click the “ Reports ”, three sub-menus are available: Performance, Ad Report, Order Report.

gearbest report

  • Performance

You can view all of your promotion data here. Click the “Performance” tab and there you will see the following page. You can check your promotion performance about the Clicks, Sale Amount (USD), Order Count, Commission (USD) and Conversion which can help you know more about your promotion results based on a date!

ad perfomance report

  • Ad Report

In this part, you can check your sale detailed situation. Click the “Ad Report” tab, it will display you the following page. You can analyze your ad data for each product link like the click number, Order Count ( Total/ Finish), Orders Total (Paid/Pending). And according to the results of your analysis, you can choose to “edit” the links or “copy” the materials to promote again!

gearbest ad report

  • Order Report

Click the “Order Report” tag, here you can see your customers order situation. Based on the following page, you can see their order ID, Country, and click it, you can know what kind of/how many products they have ordered. And you can know the sale amount, commission, commission state and the source of the orders.

gearbest order report

From this “Reports” area, you can know your promotion situation very well, and it is better for you to analyze and react to the result to boost your sales!



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