New GearBest Associates Guider: Tips to get links

Hi, new Associates, welcome to join our GearBest Associate program and start to make money with us. Maybe you still have some confuse about how to promote our program and how to choose products to promote. But don’t worry, we will give you an access to get links!

Where you can  find products to promote

1.Visit our website, and choose what want to promote on it

2.Visit our Blog, there are some promotion area, you can find Daily Coupon, Weekly Star Gear, Under $10 Deals Zone, you can get products with coupons or high commission rate there. You can promote them.

3.Login our GearBest Associate Program and visit the Ad Center, there are many promotion information here. You can find what you interested and get the links to promote! know more about our Ad Center

How to generate a Deeplink

At GearBest Associate Program Ad Center, you  can find Deeplink Zone  “Custom Link Generator”, and you’ll see the following image. This page allows you to generate your very own custom promotion links!

Click “Text Link” to display the following page. Simply enter the Site/Product/Category Link and Link Name in to the corresponding text fields. Click “Create Code” or “Create Link”, then click “Copy Code” or “Copy Link” and start sharing them to promote!

To save even more time and generate groups of promotion links, be sure to use the “Batch Add Links” option: click the Download button to obtain an Excel sheet with a Text Link template. Add all of your product links to it, save the file, then Upload it to this page. Finally, you will receive a new Excel file with newly created links ready for use.

There is also a handy shortcut to create promo links using your unique Associate identifier code (lkid) at the end of each link.

For example, you created an Associate link of our website and get the identifier code (lkid), as shown in the the following picture.

Now you can just add “?lkid=10699429” as a fixed parameter at the end of any product/Category links directly. Examples:

Then you can promote with these links which will be tracked by our system and record your promotion data.

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