New GearBest Associates Guider: Tips to get Clicks

As well all know, traffic is very important to marketing activities! Get Clicks for the promotion links, is the first step to get sales. So how to get clicks is very important! And here are some advice for you to get clicks as following:

When you generated a promotional link, you can promote it on any of your websites.

If you has a blog, you can write an article about the product, and put the link on this article to guard visitors to click and buy via your link. Placed them in the most prominent position or mark them as an obvious color which will catch other attention to click it! Or you can add the link on the product images, which can get some clicks too. But don’t put too many same link in an article,3-5 is OK, is not the more the better.

If you has a YouTube channel, you can make a videos to unboxing, test or review the products and put the links on the description field. And you need to You can find some tips how to make money on YouTube channel with GearBest Associate program

If you are a specialist of forum, Facebook groups/Pages, telegram or any other social media, you can edit an attractive post with links, picture or video, then share on your social media to grab people attentions and get clicks.

Of course, you can ask your friends to click your links and help you to share to public to get more exposures.

Anyways, large enough exposure will help you to bring traffic to your links. If you don’t know how to get clicks, try our tips, and wish it can help you! By the way, there is a New Associate Privilege Earn $5 for your first click. Don’t miss it!

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