[Nov 14-21] Earn Up to 12% Commission with Alfawise FJ Vacuum Cleaner

Dust, dirt and hair.

I’m gonna suck you up.

– From Alfawise FJ – 166A Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When one gets a day-work off with his tiring body, who wants to return to a hairy shanty?

Everyone wants his or her house to be a sparkling clean palace.

Alfawise FJ – 166A Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is here to make your dream a reality.

Before I give you a clear picture of how powerful this product is, let’s get down to the earth – how much you associates can earn from referring it to your customers.


Product Name: Alfawise FJ – 166A Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Original Price: $119.99

Flash Sale Price: $109.99

Commision: 12% for NEW customers / 9% for EXISTING customers (Nov 14-21 @ 09:00 UTC)

You earn: $ 13.20  OR $ 8.80 Per sale



Just like the washing machines, the most popular vacuum cleaners use the cyclone to quickly suck in dusty air and spin it at high speed, separating out heavy particles which are to be trapped and collected. Alfawise FJ – 166A features double cyclonic separation to avoid secondary pollution.

This is different from the cyclonic separator only consisting of a single filter and a cone, incapable of absorbing ultra-fine dust, what’s worse, the cone tends to be clogged after a few weeks.

The two cyclonic separation systems completely solve these problems, the first one includes a canister and a central partition plate to collect big particles, then, the dusty air will go through the second separation system to effectively remove 99% micro dust, mites, allergens, etc.

In the end, the air becomes much cleaner and fresher, without secondary pollutants.

Where can you clean with a full set of accessories? The floor, carpet, wall, sofa, curtain, car interior, and much more.

Except for the motorized floor tool, both the crevice tool and wide mouth brush are 2-in-1, integrated with an extension hose, so you can reach everywhere without bending over or stretching out.


Your mom whisked up all your stray hairs for years…it’s your turn now.

With Alfawise FJ – 166A Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, everything could never be easier for you.

And considering the ultra-high commission we’ve offered – 12% for NEW customers / 9% for EXISTING customers (Nov 14-21 @ 09:00 UTC).

Is there any reason not to promote it?