Associate FAQ

1. What Is the Associate Program?

GearBest Associate program is a performance-based (Cost per Sale Payout) associate program which helps GearBest drive global traffic, convert sales and also help associates monetize visitors to their online channels. It is 100% FREE to use our associate program.

2. How Does the Associate Program work?

1. Register to apply to join our associate program.2. Submit your key site info (inc. website name and traffic stats) and the other required info.3. Wait for approval from our approvals team (reply within 24 hours).4. Grab associate links (with your unique tracking ID embedded) from the creative inventory of our associate program.5.Post the associate links on any of your online marketing channels: blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, popular social media sites, etc. Greater coverage increases potential sales.6. You get commission when your visitors follow your associate link to GearBest and submit a paid order within 30 days of their initial link click.7. You can earn commission on that sale 30 days after their order payment.

3. Your Associate ID

To help you manage promotions, GearBest sets up a sub-account system. Every user can apply for associate IDs to generate their referral URLs. Those URLs are bound directly to your sub-accounts making it much easier for you to manage.

4. How Do We Grade Membership?

Last Month Sales Level Sub-account Number
Up to $3,000 Standard 2
$3,000 – $10,000 Premium 5
Over $10,000 VIP 8

If your monthly sales volume (USD) is lower than your current membership grade standard for two consecutive months, your membership level will be downgraded from the third month.Example:Your sales volume in April is $13,000 and you become a VIP member in May. However, if your sales volume is lower than $3,000 in both May and June, then you will be downgraded to a Standard member in July. But if your sales volume in May is $5,000 and lower than $3,000 in June, then you will be downgraded to a Premium member in July.

5. How Do I Generate Referral Links?

1. Text Referral Link:Input GearBest product link to generate a referral link bound to your sub-account. Add the link to your website.2. Picture Referral Link:Input GearBest product and picture link to generate a referral link bound to your sub-account. Use this link on your website.3. Banner Referral Link:We will create promotion banners at regular intervals. At the banner pool, locate the image of the appropriate size and click “get code”. Insert the generated referral link and picture on your website.

6.How Do I View my Referral Links and Commission Record?

Log in GeatBest Associate ProgramGo to Affiliate Link ReportCheck your Link Record, detailed information

7. How Do We Calculate Commission?

Product Category Commission Ratio/New Customer (Standard) Commission Ratio/New Customer (Premium) Commission Ratio/New Customer (VIP) Commission Ratio/Existing Customers (Standard) Commission Ratio/Existing Customers (Premium) Commission Ratio/Existing Customers (VIP)
default 7 8 9 5 6 7
Tablet PC & Accessories Mobile Phones Consumer Electronics Computers & Networking Electrical & Tools 7 8 9 5 6 7
Automobiles & Motorcycle Apple Accessories LED Light & Flashlights Baby & Kids Toys & Hobbies Home & Garden Outdoors & Sports Office & School Supplies 7 8 9 6 7 8
Apparel Bags & Shoes Watches & Jewelry Health & Beauty 10 11 12 7 8 9

Note: The commission rate only apply to content site associates,such as blog, forum, youtube, ect.


8. When Can I Withdraw My Commission?

You can withdraw to Paypal/Webmoney from your account when the balance exceed $100 , but you will charge the processing fee per withdrawal.

You can withdraw to Bank from your account when the balance exceed $1000, and we will charge the processing fee per withdrawal.

9.What kind of payment methods do you support?

Currently we support PayPal, WebMoney and Bank transfers.

10. Can I Use Third Party Referral Links?

Such links are entirely separate from our own in-house Associate Program. To clarify, GearBest will only provide direct commission payment for referral links generated and bound to your program sub-account. For using third party links and associate links in the same time, we will pay commission to associate links.

11. Log-in Password and Transaction Password

To ensure maximum security, you will require both a log-in password and transaction password. These two passwords must be different. You will require both passwords to access your money.

12. Where can I place the links to promote GearBest?

A. In online chat programs: you can send the links directly to your friends during your online conversations.B. In personal blogs: you can publish a link or banner which is related to the subject of your blog Let’s say you love writing about cars, then banners that promote car accessories will probably have a high click-through rate.C. On forums: this also is a very good place to promote products that are related to the visitor’s interests. You can post your links in a thread comment while recommending the products with a personal message.D. On your own website: you can for instance start your own shopping guide in which you recommend products which can also be found on GearBest, including link and banners.E.Finally, you could recommend GearBest to friends and colleagues who might be interested in our products. You can share banners and links through email, Facebook, or any other social media.

13. Can I Create an Associate Website, Social Media Page or Blog?

You are welcome to create a website, blog or social media channel. But please make sure the visual style and appearance of your channel cannot be similar to GearBest’s official channels.

The following are strictly prohibited:

• Displaying our site name (GearBest) anywhere in the site page or your profile name.• Showing the GearBest logo on the profile picture, page header or site logo.• Communicating (or acting) as a representative of GearBest – no associate is authorized.• You should focus on creating your own unique identity and image. This not only avoids confusion but also protects you from the significant responsibilities we have toward our customers and partners.

14. What Advertising Channels are Restricted?

Location Of AdsYou can promote your GearBest associate link anywhere on the internet except for Search Engine. These platforms require our express permission as they conflict with our own campaigns.

If your associate link is found on these channels without permission, you will receive a warning. If this continues, your account will be subject to sanctions (up to deletion) with no commission paid.