GearBest Black Friday Incentive Campaign 2018 – Bonus Reach up to $12345


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Great shopping spree and legendary Incentive Campaign fills up our November calendar.

Say goodbye to Double 11 Incentive Campaign, and welcome the biggest and coolest GearBest Black Friday Incentive Campaign.

This time it comes with:

  • Up to 3% commission rates that can be increased;
  • Up to $12345 bonus that can be added to your wallet.

If you didn’t meet your expectations last time, be confident and make it your turning point.

Already embraced $11111 bonus in Double 11 Incentive Campaign?

Well, you have the fullest potential to make the myth happen again.

But before you get a head start, be sure to check some basics.


Black Friday Incentive Campaign 2018 Timeline

As always, our incentive campaign is divided into two phases, and each stage is set to make you promote for a song:

  • Run Up: Nov 14 – Nov 20

Associates with noted sales increase will be credited with up to 3% commission rates.

  • Main event: Nov 22 – Nov 30

For those who complete our sales goal, we’re glad to offer $12,345 bonus at best.



How about your sales performance in the pre-heat period of Black Friday Incentive Campaign?

Supremely brilliant, or still have some room to improve?

New chance is rolling around…….

As promised, today we’ll tell you everything about How to Win A Possible $12345 Bonus in the main event.

Rules are out there for you to check.


#2) Main Event: Achieve sales goal, score up to $12345 bonus

In this part, the sales amount you’ve achieved between 6/11 00:00 – 14/11 23:59 and 22/11 00:00 – 30/11 23:59 will be calculated and compared ( UTC+8).

Associates who complete our target sales goal will be credited with a related bonus.


  1. This incentive plan does not apply to associates from Cashback and Coupon sites.
  2. If conditions met, please claim your bonus before December 7th .
  3. GearBest Associate: please contact your affiliate manager; Third Party Affiliate should contact your account manager.
  4. Remember the activity time: @ 22/11/2018 00:00 – 30/11/2018 23:59 (UTC+8)


Prize in three types:

A. Real money

B. Associate-only coupon

C. Customer-only coupon ( by this way the coupon value up by 5% – which means if your bonus is $500and you choose plan C, then your customer will get a coupon valued $525.)



Run Up:Higher sales increase, better commission rates

Based on your sales performance from Oct 31 – Nov 6 @ 15:00 UTC+8, if the sales amount you’ve achieved on Nov 14 – 20 @ 15:00 UTC+8 has surged to a target percentage level, then you’ll enjoy ultra-higher commission rates during the lucrative Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

A few notes to keep in mind:

  1. To join the campaign, GearBest associate should find your affiliate manager to sign up on Nov 20 – 26; Third Party affiliate should contact your account manager.
  2. Please mind the exclusive-commission-rate effective time: 11/22 18:00 – 11/27 10:00 (UTC+8).
  3. This incentive plan does not apply to associates from Cashback and Coupon sites.


Next time we’ll reveal all the secrets about How to Win $12,345 Bonus in GearBest Black Friday Incentive Campaign 2018.

Stay tuned and keep charging back with our blog.

You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out on a chance that never returns again in the rest of the year.


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