Gearbest Associate Program Glossary

Account Management: Conveniently manage your payment methods here. You can choose your transfer method and set up your transaction account from here.


All Activities: All activities in Banner page refers to all the activities combined under different languages.


All Commission: This is all your accrued commission from your first ever sale minus the commission you have withdrawn.


Application Accepted: This means your application to transfer commission to your external account has been successful.


Approved: Your transaction information is confirmed correct, our GearBest Associate staff have approved your transfer application.


Associate ID: It is the sub-account of your GearBest Associate Program account; every user can apply for associate IDs to generate their referral URLs. Those URLs are bound directly to your sub-accounts making it much easier for you to manage.


Associate Level: It’s your monthly sales volume (USD) level. On the GearBest Associate Program, there are three levels based on monthly sales generated: Standard (up to $3000), Premium ($3,000-$10,000) and VIP level (Over $10,000).


Available Balance: Commission on that sale 30 days after their order payment (the order validation period is 30 days) minus the commission you have withdrawn.


Available Commission: The commission generated over the past 30 days confirmed by our order review system, this is transferable if it is at least $100.


Basic Information: It’s your registered information, including your Account Email, First Name, Last Name, Associate Level, Nationality, Contact Number, and Website.


Clicks: The number of times your links were clicked.


Code: The Code at the Coupon Page refers to the coupon code of products. This is not same as the code generated with the “Create Code” button.


Commission has been transferred: Your commission has been successfully transferred.


Commission of last 30 days: It’s the commission you have generated over the past 30 days.


Commission Status: This shows the status of the commission: Pending, Approved or Transferred.

Pending means the commission is still under review, while Approved means the commission has been confirmed following review.


Conversion: The proportion between the number of orders and the number of clicks.


Email Account: It’s your registered email, and cannot be changed once you’ve signed in.


End Date: This is the final date (deadline) of promotional activities.


Event Date: The date when the promotional activity takes place.


Expenditure: All the available commission which you have applied for transaction.


Income: All the available commission you have earned.


Link/Banner Name: It is the name of the promotional links or banners created by yourself to distinguish different links and banners.


Link ID: It is the ID at the end of your promotional link, which helps you to track how many people click your promotional link, and buy anything using it.


Link image: This refers to the link of the product’s image.


Link Name: The name of the link, you can rename it yourself to distinguish it from other links.


Link Text: Description of the product which can link to your site.


Link URL: This is the URL the product link you want to promote


New/Existing: This refers to customers. New customers are registered customers who have made their first purchase on, while Existing customers are the customers who have made previous purchases on


Order Count: It’s the total number of individual orders you generated.


Order ID: This is the unique ID generated for each customer order.


Order Status: This displays the current status of the order: Normal, Canceled, or Refunded.


Order Total (Paid and Pending): It’s the total order sale volume (USD). Paid means the order(s) have been paid, Pending means the order(s) are still awaiting payment.


Order Validation Period: Paid orders are generally reviewed for 30 calendar days.


Registration Count: The number of customers who registered a GearBest account via your promotional links.


Sale Amount: It’s the sale volume generated (USD).


Sale of Last 30 days: It’s the overall sale situation of your sales for the previous 30 days.


Site/Product/Category Link: This is the link (URL) relating to products(s)/Category.


Source: The Source on the Order Report refers to the order relating to the Tracking Number (lkid).


Start date: This is the first date when the promotional activity starts.


Sub-domain: Our site comprises localized online stores for different countries: US, UK, RU, IT, DE, PT, FR and ES.


Transferred: The commission transferred from your commission balance to an external account.


Transfer Failed: Your transaction account has some issue; the related payment method cannot receive accept the transfer. Please check your payment account details for any errors.


Unapproved: Your transaction information has errors which need to be corrected, our GearBest Associate staff have not approved your transfer application.













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