Tutorial 2: Know the ACCOUNT CENTER

When you sign in to our GearBest Associate Program Dashboard, you will see the following page. In this post we are going to  provide a short explanation of the main areas: Account Center, Ad Center, Reports, and Payment Center.

When you click on “Account Center”, you will see three sub-menus: Account Overview, Basic Information, and Commission Model.

  1. Account Overview

Click “Account Overview” to view all the key information related to your account. This includes your email account, Associate ID number, sale performance for the last 30 days, and the Latest News relating to our promotion activities or policies (e.g. Change of Click Report, or Withdrawals).


  1. Basic Information

When you click “Basic Information”, important personal information and account details related to your account is available. This is the only place where this information can be manually changed, please ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.

gearbest account center

Clicking on the Basic Information tab will display your Registered Account Email, First Name, Last Name, Current Associate Level, Nationality, Contact Number, and Website. Each of these fields can manually edit if required, you can also reset your account password from this page. If you forget your account password, then you need to change it at the Sign-In Page.

gearbest account center info

Click the Account Management tab to view your personal transaction information.  Our payment methods are PayPal, WebMoney, and Bank Transfer. When you register an account, it will automatically set your Account Email as the default PayPal Account; this can be modified to another payment method after you sign in to your account. If you forget your transaction password, you can reset here, but you need to apply for an Email Verification to reduce the risk from an unauthorized intruder.

Important: This is the only location where you can edit or change your personal transaction account details. Please carefully review your information, and ensure it is correct and up-to-date.

gearbest associate dashboard

  1. Commission Model

This page displays the commission model related to your account. It details the specific commission rates (based on different Associate Grades) for purchases made by your new customers and existing customers.

gearbest associate

Hope you have got a better idea about the Account Center in the Gearbest Associate dashboard. Stay updated and Follow us for new posts and promotions.



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