Double 11 Victory of Associates : More than one Person Wins $11111 Bonus

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About the article:

1. Double 11 success reports

2. Black Friday &Cyber Monday 2018 notables

3. Black Friday Incentive Campaign trailer: Commission jumps by 3%&Bonus reaches up to $12,345

We respect success.

Especially when someone won $11111 Bonus in just 3 day’s effort.

I’m talking about a Spanish associate who took part in our Double 11 Incentive Campaign, and as you see, finally he gets what he dreams to get.

Our victories don’t stop at this.

In Double 11 Sale 2018 :

  • Over 2000 associates engaged in our incentive campaign ;
  • More than one associate won the highest $11111 bonus with honor ;
  • Our sales amount surged by 78% over the Double 11 Sale 2017.

Still more, November 11th is the day when all records are broken:

Our sales amount explodes by 10 times, order count by 12 times as compared to the same day in last month.


Please let me convey my deep thanks to every member of the GearBest Associate Program.

Thank you for your investing the precious weekend with us.

It’s really good to see your positive response on the mutual association for the mega Double 11 Sale.

We are also excited about the prospect of our continued success in another BIG DAY.

Start your streaming, say hello to Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018!

It’s a time when:

  • People inch to start shopping even before they expect the Turkey on the table.
  • Some of the product prices on GearBest rival Double 11 Sale, and maybe some are even better.
  • GearBest Associate holds an Incentive Campaign big and dramatic as you can enjoy increased commission rates by 3 points & win a possible $12345 bonus.

Mark your calendars, folks.

GearBest Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 timeline has been rolled out:

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You may expect your success on GearBest 11.11 to continue this time around.

And you may also expect your :

Commission rates jump by 3 points at best.

Bonus reaped from us to be a bigger one – that’s is to say $12345.

That’s all written in our GearBest Black Friday Incentive Campaign 2018.

== > Get informed and start your Black Friday associate success now.