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Hi, associates. How time flies, it’s already August now. To give back to our hardworking associates, we’ve selected a list of important, fast-growing brands and increased their commission, making it even easier for you to promote them. Some have even risen to a massive 20% commission! We are confident these awesome brands will earn you a massive commission harvest over the next few weeks. Let’s check them out together!



As we mentioned, products from the above brands will earn a sky high commission for our associates to promote. The exact commission rate varies depending on (a) the category of the targeted products and (b) the grade our associates are in. All products can be divided into 5 categories.

Category #1:

Cell phones/featured phones/tablet pcs/computers/featured tablets

In Category 1, we will give our associates a massive commission to boost their sales: 6% (Standard) , 7% (Premium), and 8% (VIP) for a successfully promotion to existing customers.

Even better, promoting to new customers could lead our associates to the biggest smile of all. Our higher commission for them are: 8% (Standard), 9% (Premium) and 10% (VIP). Get going, set up those killer deals!

(Note:The commission rules for the above categories are only valid for brands listed in the first table.)

Category #2:

Mobile phones (except cell phones & featured phones)/Tablet PC & Accessories (except tablet pcs & computers & featured tablets)/Consumer Electronics/Computers & Networking/Electrical & Tools

In Category 2, we are going to blow the minds of our associates with incredible commission rates. For successfully promoting to existing customers, we will give our associates high commission rates of 7%(Standard), 8%(Premium)and 9%(VIP); with regards to new customers, the figures are even higher at 9%(Standard), 10%(Premium)and 11%(VIP). Ready to promote and boost your sales and wallet? Let’s go!

(Note:The commission rules for the above categories are only valid for brands listed in the first table.)


Product Name: Diggro DI10 Smart Sport Watch – ARMY GREEN

Price: $19.99

Discount: 23% OFF


$2.20 for NEW customers (↑$0.40, VIP)

$1.80 for EXISTING customers (↑$0.40, VIP)

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 Product Name: Excelvan LED5018 Projector – WHITE EU PLUG

Price: $179.99

Discount: 4% OFF


$19.80 for NEW customers (↑$3.60, VIP)

$16.20 for EXISTING customers (↑$3.60, VIP)

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Category #3:

Automobiles & Motorcycle LED Light & Flashlights/Outdoors & Sports/ Appliance/RC/e-cigarettes

In Category 3, a shopping order from existing customers will bring our associates a commission rate of 7% (Standard), 8% (Premium) and 9%(VIP); relating to new customers, our associates can win a high commission of 9% (Standard), 10% (Premium) and 11%(VIP). That’s right, folks! Start promoting now and earn even bigger bonuses!

(Note:The commission rules for the above categories are only valid for brands listed in the first table.)


Product Name: UTORCH X9901YX – 48W – XDGH Music Light Converter Bluetooth Ceiling Light – WHITE

Price: $139.08


$15.30 for NEW customers (↑$2.78, VIP)

$12.51 for EXISTING customers (↑$1.39, VIP)

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Product Name: H801 720P 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis Gyro WiFi FPV Remote Control Quadcopter WiFi FPV – ORANGE STANDARD VERSION

Price: $21.99

Discount: 44% OFF


$2.64 for NEW customers (↑$0.66, VIP)

$2.20 for EXISTING customers (↑$0.44, VIP)

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Category #4:

Baby & Kids/Home & Garden (except e-cigarettes)/Toys & Hobbies (except RC)

In Category 4, our associates will receive high commission up to 8%(Standard), 9%(Premium)and 10%(VIP) for promoting our awesome products to existing customers; concerning new customers, the figures turn out to be 10%(Standard), 11%(Premium) and 12% (VIP). How exciting does that sounds!

(Note:The commission rules for the above categories are only valid for brands listed in the first table.)


Product Name: LANGRIA Contoured Firm Memory Foam Seat Cushion, Black

Price: $27.12


$3.25 for NEW customers (↑$0.81, VIP)

$2.71 for EXISTING customers (↑$0.54, VIP)

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Product Name: COZZINE Stainless Steel Grinder Glass Bottle Small Set of 2 – SILVER

Price: $15.50


$1.86 for NEW customers (↑$0.47, VIP)

$1.55 for EXISTING customers (↑$0.31, VIP)

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Category #5:

Apparel/Bags & Shoes/Watches & Jewelry/Health & Beauty

In Category 5, our associates will receive high commission rates of 10%(Standard), 11%(Premium)and 12%(VIP)for promoting to existing customers; for new customers, we have increased the commission of Featured Items to 16%(Standard), 18%(Premium)and a massive 20%(VIP). Sounds cool? Go-go-go! Let’s start promoting right now!

(Note:The commission rules for the above categories are only valid for brands listed in the first table.)


Product Name: Alfawise S100 Sonic Electric Toothbrush – BLACK

Price: $27.51


$5.50 for NEW customers (↑$2.20, VIP)

$3.30 for EXISTING customers (↑$0.83, VIP)

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Product Name: COZZINE FC288 Oral Irrigator Water Flosser – WHITE EU PLUG  

Price: $44.21


$9.28 for NEW customers (↑$3.54, VIP)

$5.31 for EXISTING customers (↑$1.33, VIP)

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You know what’s also fantastic?We are delighted to offer new customers a high commission rate up to a colossal 50% for all the items priced $10 or less so that you earn much more. The commission rules are as follows:

Price Range Under $1 $1-2 $2-3 $3-5 $5-10
Commission Rate 50% 30% 20% 15% 12%


By the way, we update our promotions in our Under $10 hottest Deals Zone every Thursday @ 10:00 UTC!


1. The commission rate above is only valid for New Customers for all brands.

2. The commission will take effect from 2:00 am (UTC) on August 14th.

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