Tutorial 3: know more about the Ad Center –StyleBest Associate

Log in our Style Best Associate Program. Shift our mouse to the Ad Center, there are some promotional resources provided for our fantastic Associates. As you can see, it includes Promotional Events, Promoted Product and Deeplink. Let’s take a closer look at these in turn.


1. Promotional Events


This section includes Featured Promotions and Ongoing Promotions.


Featured Promotions

You can access information on our featured event promotion here. This kind of promotion mainly includes the weekly promotion information, Great promotion information from; you can choose what categories or languages you want to promote; affiliates can also obtain the Banner Code or Text Code if they have their own website or blog.

Clicking on “Get Banner Code” allows you to choose the correct banner size suitable for your ad space. Copy the HTML code then insert it directly into your own page HTML. If you choose to promote via text instead, click “Get Text Code” to copy the HTML code to promote the event on your site.


Ongoing Promotions

You can find ongoing event promotion information here, focusing on long-term promotion Activities and Category Promotion Activities at As before, you can choose whether to promote and obtain the Banner Code or Text Code. The remaining steps to obtain the code are the same as those previously listed for Featured Promotions.


2. Promoted Product


New Arrivals

View all of StyleBest’s New Arrivals products here. Just choose what you want to promote, then click “Get code” to retrieve the unique product Link Code. If you have a website and/or blog, click the “Copy Code” button and copy the full HTML text (image code link) to insert it directly into your own page HTML. You can also manually highlight the shorter product Text Link Code containing your unique link identifier code. This can be posted it on forums, social media channels, and other places to bring in some traffic.


High Commission Products

For those who love earning commission, this section shows the products with high commission rates up to a massive 50%. Just choose what you want to promote; the steps to retrieve the code are the same as for the Featured Promotion above.


Coupons area

Coupons are a great way to generate interest and clicks. The product page is structured just like in the following image. The updated design is significantly more intuitive, making it even easier to promote and earn. At this area, you can choose the categories or language you want, then get the buy links! The steps for Featured Promotion can be repeated to obtain the codes.

3. Deeplink


Click “Custom Link Generator”, and you’ll see the following image. This page allows you to create your very own custom promotion links: either a Text Link or an Image Link!

3.1 Click “Text Link” to display the following page, simply enter the Site/Product/Category Link and Link Name in to the corresponding text fields. Click “Create Code” or “Create Link”, then click “Copy Code” or “Copy Link” and start sharing them to promote!

To save even more time and generate groups of promotion links, be sure to use the “Batch Add Links” option: click the Download button to obtain an Excel sheet with a Text Link template. Add all of your product links to it, save the file, then Upload it to this page. Finally, you will receive a new Excel file with newly created links ready for use.

There is also a handy shortcut to create promo links using your unique link identifier code (lkid) at the end of each link.

For example, you created an Associate link of our website and get the identifier code (lkid), as shown in the the following picture.


Now you can just add “?lkid=12565629” as a fixed parameter at the end of any product/Category links directly. Examples:


3.2 Click the “Image Link” tab to add your own Link Image, Link URL, Link Name, or Link Text. Click the “Confirm” button and, finally, click the “Copy code” Button to start sharing and promoting!

To create groups of image promotion links, select the “Batch Add Links” option: click the Download button to obtain an Excel sheet with an Image Link template. Add all of your product links to it, save the file, before uploading it to this page. You will receive a new Excel file you’re your newly created links ready for use.


Note: You can change Your Associate ID when you create your promotion links, allowing you to analyze your promotion results on different websites or promotion channels.

That’s everything, folks! This is all the information you need regarding our updated Ad Center. Log in to our StyleBest Associate Program, create links and get promoting – start earning today!





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